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DeLUX Advanced Manufacturing is geared toward creating custom RF and additively manufactured components. Many RF components are purchased through RF manufacturers and the buyer is only limited to what is supplied. We are hoping to change that. DeLUX is capable of freeform printing of dielectrics and conductors. This allows us to create traditional RF components as well as novel components.

In addition to RF components, we are capable of building radiating elements from the ground up. The ability to print dielectrics and conductors permits us to print the ground plane, substrate, and excited conductors in a non-planar fashion. 

DeLUX offers R&D services to determine the viability of additively manufactured parts versus parts manufactured through traditional means, as well as the development of custom additive manufacturing procedures and processes to meet your needs.


All of our products and services are available to all commercial and government entities. For more information on purchasing and consulting please visit our contact page.

RF Structures

Non-Planar Antennas
Complex Antenna Geometries
Solderless Connectors
Bottom Excitation
Side Excitation
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